Floodlight Overview for Investigative/Analyst Teams

Advantages of Floodlight:
● Automated Attribution - Compare millions of data points, uncovering individual actors
● Enhance Customer Data - Run your data against vast open source sets for more detail
● Lead Generation - Automated report based on customer selectors
● EWIOH - Instant signal generation for imminent threats in a machine-readable format
● Predictive Modeling: Reputational scoring signals effectiveness and potential success

Illicit actors don’t organize their operations on the blockchain. Instead, they use the Deep and Dark Web–including chat services like Telegram and Discord–as their base for promoting, planning, and organizing operations. This is where Cloudburst steps in as a key player to aid in foreseeing, investigating, and safeguarding against unfavorable and dangerous incidents.

Cloudburst and their exclusive partner Knightsbridge, offer tools with the ability to track and identify threat actors without relying on anonymous wallet addresses, which are typically used in crypto transactions. We parse information hidden in images and automatically translate messages for any customer language.

Cloudburst data is easily identified as actionable by investigators

The Cloudburst/Knightsbridge toolset allows for a beyond-the-horizon view of illicit activities, enabling analysts to delve beneath the surface and pinpoint individuals or groups behind these actions. This approach helps identify the culprits and also assists in the proactive anticipation of possible future events.

Floodlight gathers publicly available chat and web post data in real-time, presenting this valuable information to its customers through a user-friendly API. Data sources include notoriously difficult platforms to scrape at scale, like Telegram and Discord.

Leveraging Floodlight's advanced and powerful set of tools, investigators effectively monitor signs of illicit behavior, while moving away from the traditional dependence on anonymous wallet addresses or online identity obfuscation. This enhanced level of understanding and anticipation empowers a stronger line of defense against ever-evolving threats.

This innovative API goes beyond simple data collection; it automates the enrichment of metadata and the scoring of online communities. In addition, it generates indicators of potential effectiveness, powered by sophisticated algorithms conceived by a dedicated data science team. Cloudburst's systems have been designed with an "investigator-first" approach, readily facilitating the addition of new chat sources, integration points, and customizable output formats. Moreover, the API allows for a high degree of customization in queries, allowing users to filter by identifying factors such as partial phone numbers, email addresses, cryptocurrency wallet addresses, geographic locations, and even life patterns.

Cloudburst provides detailed information on suspect groups and individuals

A Fully Automated Platform
Notably, Floodlight does not depend on manual analyst input. Instead, we automate the process of data collection, categorization, and scoring. This offers clients a real-time window into potential unlawful activities, expanding the potential reach of their investigations. As such, Cloudburst is an indispensable tool in the arsenal of any organization that needs to stay one step ahead in the constantly shifting landscape of online activity.

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