Knightsbridge Law, a distinguished boutique law firm located in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand, offers a range of legal services and expertise.

Features include:

Company Registration and Corporate Law:
Knightsbridge Law provides comprehensive company registration services for both Thai-majority and foreign-majority shareholding companies. We assist with amendments to company details, such as changes in share structure, directors, and company address.

Additionally, we guide clients through the process of obtaining Board of Investment (BOI) approval, which offers attractive incentives for local and foreign investors in Thailand.

We help clients gain access to and manage incentives in the EEC (Eastern Economic Corridor officially the Eastern Special Development Zone, is a special economic zone of three provinces in eastern Thailand). Legal Expertise and Services:
With over 20 years of experience, Knightsbridge Law offers a wide range of legal services:

Civil Cases: Representing clients in civil matters.
Criminal Cases: Providing legal expertise in criminal proceedings.
Dispute Resolutions: Assisting in resolving legal disputes.
Last Will and Testament: Offering services related to wills.
Notary Service: Providing notarization.
Power of Attorney: Assisting with legal authorizations.
Private Investigation: Conducting investigations.
Criminal Background Check: Verifying backgrounds.
Opening a Bank Account in Thailand: Facilitating banking processes.
Translation & Legalization Services: Handling document translations and legalizations.

China Presence: Knightsbridge Law has current partnerships in China, including:
International Corporate law
Cross Border Trade
Investment Law

Corporate and Finance Law:
Expertise extends to corporate matters including: Incorporation
Initial Public Offerings (IPOs).

Immigration Services:
Knightsbridge Law assists clients in navigating immigration complexities including visa applications, work permits, and citizenship issues

Portfolio Companies

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